Audio Monitoring

Our audio device can be employed in many industries such as law enforcement, security, schools/education, hospitality/gaming, retail, medical/child therapy, QSR/C-store, banking and transportation. Why audio monitoring?  While video surveillance has some limitation, audio needs to be the overall security plan.

It’s time for a new way of thinking when it comes to security. We need to start giving audio the same amount of attention that we give video when it relates to security. Both audio and video should be on the same playing field but the present reality is that our industry remains focused on video only systems. It’s a full 360 degree of security.  In this day in age, it’s like viewing a silent movie but with colors!  Image you can pick up someone’s voice in the video that can help law enforcement to determine the right outcome?

It is just a matter of time before more and more businesses start tapping the power of audio for their security needs. With that being said, let us make audio a more integral part of the overall security and not fall behind.  We can no longer afford to turn a deaf ear towards audio when it comes to delivering a complete, all-around security solution.

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