Commercial Security Cameras

In these day in age, we live in a constant threat attack or stealing from the workplace. In order to be safer, we need to install security systems that we all can rely on.  Catch the person in the act and help law enforcements to put them behind bars.  Not only to see the ones are acting upon, if an individual knows that there are live surveillance cameras in a certain area, they may be less willing to commit a crime near the location for the fear of being caught.

Here’s what we offer:
  • Digital Surveillance Systems ranging from the cost-effective 20 fps to the leading-edge 480 fps models, choices ranging from BNC to D-Sub, built-in to standalone I/O modules
  • Continuous improvement of S/W, H/W compression technology to keep competition edge
  • IP surveillance product line
  • Integration of IT technology into surveillance system
  • Video analysis features for surveillance system
  • Digital Surveillance Systems with expandable supports to POS, Central Monitoring Station
  • License Plate Recognition Systems
  • A complete lineup of security accessories that help security professionals to deliver customized services to users

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